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Posted on 24 abril, 2017 by Ekai on music, news, music, playlist

Baumhaus: Destination Madrid. NEW MIX!!!

Baumhaus: Destination Madrid

Due to our first showcase ever we decided to record an exclusive session with a lot of Baumhaus stuff and some track we love. First 25 minutes are mixed by Ekai, then Baum did his thing and close the set CAAL. Expect classic Baumhaus tracks, unreleased stuff and funny vibes!


Ekai – Unknown
Detroit Swindle – It’s Allright
Piem x Ekai – Childhood
Guim – The Way (Demuir Playboy’s edit)
Luuk Van Djik – Work
Ekai – Roots (Tigerskin remix)
Click Click – This Is
Guim- Make It (Baum remix)
Mathias Tanzmann- Mahoney Baloney
Waze & Odissey- Seizure
Camelphat- Hanging Out With Charlie
Javi Bora & IAAM- Sputnik Flash (remix)
CAAL- Azidhaus (Wade remix)
Cuartero- Newo
Point Sole & Ambigual- Moments (CAAL remix)
Alexis Raphael- Loaded Up (CAAL remix)
Mirco Caruso- Just You & Me (CAAL remix)
wAFF- Wormhole
CAAL & Baum- Da Riddim (Rich Wakley remix)





Baumhaus: Destination Madrid. NEW MIX!!!