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Posted on 20 diciembre, 2016 by on music, music, track

Ekai – Alarma [BAUMHAUS019]

Baumhaus celebrates his second anniversary and we think that is time to change some things. In the next twelve months we are going to ask different graphic artists to work in our visual artworks based in the Bauhaus style. And in musical terms, we are going to release music from the crew who built our ‘Baum-house’ combining with new friends making an strong team named to consolidate our firm this third year.

Ekai, one of our pillars in its own right, is the main character of this new-era’s releases. With this EP he bring us his warm analog sound and old-school sound making a dancefloor madness. ‘Bomba’ as its name says combines a full groovy baseline, old-school melodies and an astonishing sample. ‘Alarma’ is a futuristic acid house but constructed in the old-fashioned way using rave-type drum-machine and synthesizers such as the infamous Roland TR-909, Korg Prophecy or the MS-2000 to name a few.

With this stuff next thing was think for a remix. and that’s why we asked to the german duo Raumakustik for «Alarma’s» re-interpretation. We all know them very well after publishing in labels like Hot Trax or Suara and they give to the remix a more dirty an percussive way making the EP a must for hot nights.

Last but not least we should like to thank Zennith because of the artwork. He has been the responsible of our graphic image since the first day.



Ekai – Alarma [BAUMHAUS019]