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Posted on 8 noviembre, 2015 by Ekai Music on news

Feeling Mianyo sounds

Last August first published a remix on the label Musex Industries with the Navarre producer Mianyo, who has published in labels Autentik Dystrikt , West Label,  Piston Recordings,  Azari Records,  Fiakun,.

The occasion was irrelevant to their EP titled Analog Series Vol.1, for which I created my “Acid Oldschool Remix” of its original “Behind The Bass” that you can listen here:


A.2 Mianyo – Behind The Bass (Ekai Acid Oldschool Remix) Preview

Mianyo , who in their jobs usually accompanied by the soul singer,  Samuel Fitch, counted for its B SIDE, a remix of the original “Under 100Hz ” produced by the partner Fat Cat.