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Posted on 8 noviembre, 2015 by Ekai Music on news

[BAUMHAUS 015] meets Ekai & Baum – Infection

Undoubtedly one of the best things that will leave me this 2015 musically, it has been the trust that BAUM has placed in me, the founder of the label BAUMHAUS.  And the source of that trust came with the publication in July of the 15th reference, our EP set » Infection».

The reference site Electronica & Roll led by the best-known music journalist, Sergio Bifeis , said the following about our EP.

This connection between the Catalan and Basque is forged with ‘Infection‘, a sound full of classicism extracted with rhythmic patterns from the 808 and 909by Roland and much acid touch in basslines that make go up the cholesterol. The sirens are omnipresent in this track and also in ‘Lennon‘ which has its inspiration in what happened at the doors of the Dakota building in New York December 8, 1980. A theme that emerges much strength and energy focused on the dance floor. Both productions are quite functional with a strong scent old-school. »

Having said that, touches give the play and enjoy!

Ekai – Not Guilty (Original Mix)