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Posted on 14 enero, 2016 by Ekai Music on news

Did you heard My Luv EP?


After releasing in recent months at Baumhaus, Piston Recordings and Envy Music labels, it is my pleasure to introduce one of my new releases of the year: MY LUV EP, the fourth reference of the national label Scalectric Music.

MY LUV EP has my two «My Luv «and «Acid Can» plus two remixes. The first by the legendary producer Madrid Ivan Smoka in collaboration with the Mexican Dr. Vertiz and the second is featured b Diego Moreno, one of the people who are behind one of my favourite labels, Digital Delight.

Play and enjoy it!

Here you have all info of Scalectric Music about My Luv EP.

Ekai has managed to give us just we look for in Scalectric Music, Old School touch and acid sounds spiced with 90`s House stuff. «My Luv» the song that opens this EP, describes perfectly the style that we want for Scalectric. A cheerful track, designed for the dancefloor, 909 sounds and 90´s synths transport us to another time and also provides the force of the current sound of this style. In the second cut «Acid Can» we found a sound with a little more Funky character, without losing that energy so fresh.

Commissioned to remix «My Luv» was Ivan Smoka, the legendary DJ and producer from Madrid with the collaboration of the Mexican Dr. Vertiz. Ivan take us out a bit of ecstasy and madness to bring us into a more atmospheric level with acid lines and New Wave synths. A seven minutes trip ideal for letting go.

The ep closes with one of the bosses of the recognized label «Digital Delight» Diego Moreno. He gives us a very powerful version of «Acid Can» but darker than the original, bordering the psychedelic at some points of the track. A bunch of Old School and Groove managed with quality.