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Posted on 12 febrero, 2018 by Ekai on news

Ekai & Xar Lee – Fresh EP is OUT!

The dj, producer and captain of the Scalectric label, Xar Lee, together with the DJ and producer of Bilbao Ekai come back, with house in the veins, with the firm intention of sharing and conceiving this sound, with a more garage accent, which finds its nexus of union in the luminous textures and the most forceful rhythms. The reading and demystification made by both producers of this musical style, get as few convert into a higher category, much more direct, fresh, raw and fun, but also, less predictable and pretentious. The EP, composed of three crispy tracks, starts energetically, with the tremendous Fresh, whose marked drums, of an intense luminosity, transport us to a battle where the linearity in the development of the discourse takes on special importance. It is followed by the powerful remix of Sishi Rosch Ghetto Rub, underpinned by an enveloping groove that guides us gently in a spiral. But as the track evolves, different emotions and less univocal tones are distinguished. Finally, Panic closes this EP with a nocturnal scent, where the lines of synthesizer and vocals are fired with a very effective development, full of details, ready to put the dance floor on fire.

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