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Posted on 8 noviembre, 2015 by Ekai Music on news

It’s here my remix «Dance With Me» (D.S.E.M. | Rec Division)

After more than a decade dedicated to Rock & Roll left wing has already released the first EP with “electronic sound » by Madrid’s label «Rec Division»: Dance With Me.

For this first reference focused on the «Dancefloors», Rec Division presents 3 original tracks by the Spanish duo D.S.E.M aka Jordi “Claver” Suils and Aquiles Gtta:

Dance With Me begins with good rhythm and, over it, a robotic, dark, far-away voice. The theme intertwines with Akiles’ brilliant and sex-appealing voice among swings of synthesizers, which rise and rise in harmonic progression. The theme is for rush hours, takes the party to the verge of frenzy and makes the ladies press their heels against the floor.

Along the melodic lines with a touch of suggestive rebound, we reach the second track. ‘Heat Dancer,’ as its name suggests, is perfect for a night of enjoyment and its following morning. Sublime and captivating.

‘Night shift,’ the third and last track of this EP, is a theme full of grooves, of circular spirals. You travel to high emotion, into the deepest atmosphere of the night. ‘Night shift’ shows the powerful set of production skills of the boys.


In my remix «Dance With Me» I opted for a touch more old-school house with piano sounds very Chicago… I hope you like it, so…! Let’s play and dance!

Artist: D.S.E.M.

Title: Dance With Me

Record Label: Rec Division

Catalogue Number: RD101


1) D.S.E.M. – Dance With Me

2) D.S.E.M. – Heat Dancer

3) D.S.E.M. – Night Shift

4) D.S.E.M. – Dance With Me (Ekai Remix)


BUY:  https://pro.beatport.com/release/dance-with-me/1609875