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Posted on 21 marzo, 2016 by Ekai Music on news

Now on sale Just Zsimpla my remix of the original by Point Sole & Ambigual .


 My new remix Just Zsimpla is now available. I’m in this new remixes reference accompanied by the label manager Baum and CAAL.

Just Zsimpla is the remix the original of Point Sole & Ambigual released last February on the label Baumhaus

Play and enjoy it!

Here you have all the info from Baumhaus:

After the success of Point Sole & Ambigual’s ‘Just Zsimpla EP’ and having the support from big names like Chus + Ceballos, Coyu or Hector Couto the Baumhaus crew have decided to give a new twist to the release. That’s why two of the most representative artists of the label, CAAL and Ekai, plus label manager Baum re-worked the 20th release of Baumhaus with a remix pack.

Ekai gets lost in the jungle with his remix of ‘Just Zsimpla’ the track that gives the name to the EP. Taking as starting point the main melody he increases the BPMs to make a more clubby track, adding some tribal percussion and synth stabs. He also adds a powerful bassline who pushes the track to another level.